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Spin CDs...and seamlessly integrate with streamers and computers. Schiit Urd is the only CD transport with USB output and two USB inputs. So go ahead. Dig up those old shiny memories…and run them right next to your latest streams.

CD Transport with USB or SPDIF Output

Schiit Urd is the only CD transport that gives you Unison USB™ output, allowing direct connection to a USB-input DAC. Or, choose the included SPDIF outputs—coax and AES—for easy integration with any system.

USB Hub for Your Entire System

Here’s where things get interesting: you can also connect two USB devices to the Urd. Yes, Urd has two USB inputs! Then, choose what you want to listen to—CD, USB1, or USB2—using the standard remote control. Now, you can run CDs when you feel like it, and stream when you want convenience, all with a DAC with a single USB input.

Convert USB to AES and Coax, Too

What’s more, Urd can also convert the two USB inputs into SPDIF output, for integration with DACs that don’t have a USB input. It’s a versatile centrepiece of an entire digital system. Bring your discs and your computer, choose your DAC, and you’re ready for anything.

Super High Quality Throughout

Schiit's Urd starts with a real StreamUnlimited metal tray-loading Red book CD mechanism—not a cheap computer drive or slot-loader. From there, massive computing power, including four 32-bit microprocessors, and a 100% linear supply, including separate transformers for both the drive and digital sections, make Urd a CD transport that stands far above entry-level options.

Sleek, Streamlined Design

Unlike other CD transports, Urd is thin and sleek. At 40.64cm wide, 20.32cm deep, and 5.08cm high, it’s exactly the same size as a Freya or Loki Max, and stacks perfectly with them.

Made in USA

By made in USA, means made in USA. The vast majority of the production of Schiit URD chassis, boards, transformers, assembly, etc are manufactured in the USA. 

5-Year Warranty

URD is covered by a limited warranty that covers parts and labour for Five years.

* NOTE : The Schiit Urd will not work USB out to Chord Electronic or other products that require drivers to work with computers, please use Coax or Optical output *

CD Transport
Formats Supported: Red book CD only
Gapless Playback: Yes


Two (2) Unison USB™ Inputs

Maximum Sample Rate/Bit Depth: 192kHz, 32 bits

Switchable USB inputs: Yes


One (1) Unison USB Output

One (1) AES digital output 

One (1) Coaxial SPDIF output

Maximum Sample Rate/Bit Depth on all outputs: 192kHz, 32 bits

Simultaneous USB/SPDIF output: No, choose one

CD Drive Type: StreamUnlimited real actual CD drive, tray load, metal construction

Power Consumption: 15W maximum

Size: 40.64cm W x 20.32cm D x 5.08cm H

Weight: 3.69 Kgs

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