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Forget the technobabble and buzzword bingo for a sec. Here’s what Tyr is: a monstrous, old-skool, crazy heavy, over-the-top mono speaker amplifier. It uses the best of today’s and yesterday’s technologies to create something totally unique—and It has enough power to run almost anything.  

Please note: "mono" means "one channel." You need two Tyrs for stereo. 

Beyond Overbuilt

Nearly 25kgs. 5.45 Kgs choke. 160,000uf filter capacitance. 24 150W Toshiba output devices. 7 internal power supply rails, including HV boost rails that uses unique discrete CFP regulators. Sounds like overkill? It is. Tyr is our most insane amplifier ever, designed for driving difficult speakers without breaking a sweat.

Unique Nexus™ and Continuity™ Topology

Tyr is the ultimate expression of both Nexus and Continuity. In other words, this is a balanced, differential amplifier with a unique discrete, current-feedback gain stage, coupled with Continuity™ output topology that eliminates transconductance droop. In Tyr, we’ve refined Continuity even further, resulting in a cooler-running amplifier.

Back to the Past

One of the keys to Tyr’s performance is it’s huge inductor—literally the same size as the power transformer. This custom-made inductor is the “choke” in the “choke-input power supply.” This is a super old-skool technique you don’t see anymore, because chokes cost a mint and some people think banks of capacitors are more visually impressive.  

Intelligent Oversight and Convenience

Like all of our amplifiers, Tyr is managed by a microprocessor running custom firmware. It monitors all operational parameters, from bias to temperature to DC, and protects the amplifier in case of any fault, for near-bulletproof reliability. Add the ability to put the amplifier into low-power “standby” mode on the front panel and switchable balanced and SE inputs, and Tyr is our most convenient amp ever.

Made in USA. Really.

By “made in USA,” we mean made in USA. 

5-Year Warranty 

Schiit Tyr is covered by a 5-year limited warranty that covers parts and labour.

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