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Schiit Magni +

Ten years ago, Schiit introduced there first Magni. Since then, They have been refining and improving the line, to the point where Magni is now the only affordable, true no-excuses headphone amp and preamp. It’s literally the only headphone amp you’ll ever need. 

No Excuses—Across the Board 

No excuses. Not in design, with discrete and advanced op-amp designs on the table. Not in parts, from its high-spec, sorted potentiometer to high-end thin-film resistors and silicon capacitors. Not in looks, with an all-new steel chassis using advanced stamping techniques. Not in safety, with new protection systems help protect your best headphones. 

Exotic Discrete Design…or Insane Measured Performance

Magni+ is the only affordable headphone amp that offers a exotic, current-feedback, all-discrete design—for the same price as our Magni Heretic, an op-amp design with a unique topology that gives you even more insane measured performance.

Choose Magni + for the ultimate expression of an affordable all-discrete headphone amp—for hundreds less than other discrete designs

Choose Magni Heretic for insanely great measurements from a unique op-amp topology that includes no overall feedback and a massively paralleled feedforward output stage. Or if you like red--Magni Heretic has a red bottom chassis.

Both amps sound fantastic. You really can’t make a wrong choice. 

Total Confidence for All Headphones

Both Magni models offer three gain levels, including negative gain, to span all of your headphone needs. Use power-hungry planners…or super-sensitive IEMs. It also incorporated a decade of learning in protection systems. Don’t worry about plugging your favorite headphones into Magni—included overcurrent and DC protection help ensure they’re totally safe.

Create a Complete Desktop System

All Magnis include preamp outputs. This means you can connect any Magni to your desktop powered monitors for a complete system—or even connect it to a speaker power amp and use it as a preamp.

By “designed and built in Texas" this is what Schiit mean: the vast majority of the total production of the Magni—chassis, boards, transformers, assembly, etc—stays local. The chassis are made in California. The PCBs are done in Nevada. Yes, the UK wall-warts are made in China, but there's some give and take at this price point. 

2-Year Warranty 

Magni + is covered by a limited warranty that covers parts and labour for two years. 


Frequency Response: 20Hz-20Khz, +/-0.02dB

Maximum Power, 16 ohms: 2.8W RMS per channel
Maximum Power, 32 ohms: 2.4W RMS per channel
Maximum Power, 50 ohms: 1.6W RMS per channel
Maximum Power, 300 ohms: 410mW RMS per channel
Maximum Power, 600 ohms: 215mW RMS per channel


High Gain: Less than 0.0007% (-102dB) ref 1V RMS, 300 ohms 
Low Gain: Less than 0.0003% (-110dB) ref 1V RMS, 300 ohms


High Gain: Less than -103dB ref 1V RMS, 300 ohms, CCIF
Low Gain: Less than -112dB ref 1V RMS, 300 ohms, CCIF


High Gain: Greater than 110dB, unweighted, ref to 2V RMS
Low Gain: Greater than 121dB, unweighted, ref to 2V RMS

Crosstalk: Less than -85dB at 1V RMS out

Output Impedance: Less than 0.2 ohms at either gain

Input Impedance: 25k ohms

Gain: -8dB, 0dB, or 14dB, selectable via front switch

Topology: Fully discrete, fully complementary all-bipolar, symmetrical current-feedback design with driver stage and Vbe multiplier, no capacitors in the signal path and DC servo

Protection: Transparent overcurrent sense and protect, DC correction, failsafe DC power input and muting relay

Power Supply: “Wall wart” style 24VA 14VAC transformer, regulated +/- 16V rails with over 8,000uF filter capacitance

Power Consumption: 6W

Size: 12.7 x 8.9 x 3.18 cm

Weight: 0.45 kgs

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